What our customers think about the service we provided to them is very important to us! We strive every day to not just meet our customer's expectations, but to exceed them! We are proud to be described by our customers as Professional, Trustworthy, Hard Workers, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Efficient and Responsive!

When you shop for something, if you are anything like us you go online, look up the product or person giving the service and you look at their reviews. Those reviews help you to make your decision. We appreciate any customer feedback, whether good or bad. We want to know what we are doing right so we keep doing it. If you see an area that we can improve, we want to know that too! A criticism is an opportunity for us to fix something and do it better next time.

Thumbs Up The Cataldo Team Testimonials

Mark T. - Melbourne

The Cataldo team is amazing duo. They are prompt and answer the phone whenever needed. They will work with you side by side and give you a fun enjoyable home buying or selling experience. I highly recommend them!!

Beth C. - Satellite Beach, FL

Hi Brenda, 

I think you are the best realtor I have ever had. 
I really appreciate all of the extra help you provided us.
You’re fabulous!
I look forward to hopefully seeing you when we move if your time allows.
I know you’re a very busy woman.
Thanks for everything! 

Matt T. - Satellite Beach, FL

Amazing service, super pro skills, The Queen of communication! Brenda and The Cataldo Team made the entire process easy and, yes, actually enjoyable! Her communication skills were among the best that I've ever experienced in 30 years of business. The Cataldo team found us an All-Star tenant for our ultra premium home and did it in a matter of a few quick days. They took care of all the paperwork for us, performed a thorough interview process on the new renters, and provided expert advice throughout the entire process. Obviously, we highly recommend Brenda Cataldo and The Cataldo Team to anyone who wants a winner on their team who gets the job done.

Vickie S. - Palm Bay, FL

I highly recommend this team, they did a great job for us!

Laura L.- Viera, FL

Brenda was a great help in my search for a rental! She helped answer all of my questions and was on top of the entire process even beyond my expectations. She works hard and is extremely friendly and personable. I've already recommended her to a friend!

Alana C. - Palm Bay, FL

When it came to getting the job done efficiently, I couldn't have asked for more. I gave Mickey a price and a time-frame and he did the rest. Very easy to get in touch with at all times of the day and night. Simply the best!! We couldn't have had a better experience with Mickey and Brenda Cataldo! They helped us buy our new home while selling the old. We didn't have to worry about anything. I'd recommend them for any real estate need.

Sunrays in FL - Satellite Beach, FL

Brenda is an exceptional Realtor. We really needed to see properties quickly and Brenda moved very quickly and lined up appointments for over 10 properties for us to see in one day! She understood our needs and we were able to find the right home in one day! She really knew the neighborhoods and schools. She's professional, friendly and great to work with. She even went so far as to respond to my many phone calls I made to her to get us acclimated and provided information on the many questions I had even after we signed on the bottom line! She's a true gem.

Aaron S. - West Melbourne

As a business and tax professional I have had the pleasure of working with dozens of real estate agents and brokers.

I chose Mr. Cataldo for not just his work ethic (trust me it's better than yours), but his attitude and demeanor as a person. Can't get any better. I have used him for 3 transactions in the past 2 months. I could not ask for more.

Highly recommended.

Vince B. - Palm Bay

Mickey is simply the best! Really cares about you and wants to ensure you're happy! I would use him again to purchase or sell another home! He went out of his way to make sure we got approved for our new home. He was extremely patient on the home finding process. He sold our home in seven days with three offers.

Eric V. - Palm Bay, FL

Mickey along with his wife Brenda are excellent realtors. They helped me purchase my first investment home in Florida. The process could not have been easier and their customer service and dedication to the deal was top notch! Their company currently manages the property as well which made after the sale seamless. I'm currently using their services to look for my second property in FL! Highly recommended and very nice people.

Carolyn A. - Merritt Island, FL

Highly Recommend!!! Very professional & knowledgeable!!!! Only people to call for real estate needs!!!

Ann L. - Palm Bay, FL

My husband and I are so thankful for Michael and Brenda Cataldo and all the hard work they did in getting us our home. We had no idea what we were doing and they really helped us understand everything and did a great job of making the whole process really exciting! Anytime we needed to contact them we would receive a response instantly, no matter what time of the day or night. We were always updated with the newest listings and they would often get us in to see a property within hours of us notifying them. We looked at probably a couple dozen houses over the course of a few months with their help and they really did help us find the perfect home, and we couldn't be happier! There is no doubt in my mind that if you choose to let the Cataldos help you with your home purchase that you will be in the best hands possible.

Evan C. - Palm Bay, FL

If you need it done quickly, this is your guy. Easy to talk with and very knowledgeable. We'll be using him again in the future. Honestly couldn't have been easier. I told him what I wanted and when I needed it done and he made it happen. Mickey made it so easy and simple. If I had a question, he made himself available. I was not an easy customer but he made me feel important. That's why I'll use him again in the future!!

Jesse L. - Palm Bay, FL

My wife and I were extremely lost as we approached the home buying process and had no idea what we were doing. Michael Cataldo, and his wife Brenda who works at his side, did an amazing job of making this huge decision in our life so much less stressful. They were extremely knowledgeable and able to explain all the ins and outs of the process to us, giving us a good understanding of what was going on and removing all the stress related to the mystery of it all. On top of that, they were always extremely attentive and kept us in constant communication. We were always informed of new listings that fit our needs and whenever we wanted to see a home they would respond instantly getting us set up to see it, many times within hours of contacting them! They did an excellent job of keeping us out of danger when we got excited about homes that they could tell would be a disaster in the long run, and helped us see potential in the homes that we may have overlooked. Their experience and expertise helped us find the perfect home for our family, and in the future if we decide to buy another home, they will definitely be the ones we go to. I can genuinely recommend them with 100% confidence that they will make your home buying experience the best it can possibly be.

Lisa P. - Melbourne, FL

Maureen and team,
Thank you so much for being awesome to work with. I’m so glad we procrastinated ourselves into some money.
I hate the real estate process and love that you love it. Jerry and I have bought and sold real estate in DC but only hit the market at a good time once. When we got into larger real estate, we always sold at the worst possible time. This is the first time we’ve ever heard the words “full contract” and just didn’t believe it. Jerry won’t believe it until closing day.
One other realtor who was trying to nudge you out of the way suggested it go on the market for the December price of $130s and was shocked to hear the final asking price. I relished telling him that you got a full contract, no contingencies or conditions, pre-approved buyer in under 48 hours or so.
I completely agree with your comment – “I hate to leave money on the table.” We never expected anything like this and are so thankful you believed in the potential of the property. It’s why we bought that shack for $48K at auction years ago – we saw the potential that we never fully realized. Wearing my EGAD hat, I’m also happy it’s not going to another out of town slumlord.
Thank you, thank you!!